Now I have to have to have to give this new fake breast product a plug. When I first bought it I was a little skeptical especially since it cost me $10 but I tried it today and it was perfect. Not only does it mould to your body but it sticks and stays. It doesn’t enhance your cleavage by a lot but it definitely solves the whole bra strap problem.  I’m a huge fan of this product and would recommend all girls go out and buy a set!

Onto my second dilemma, I hate wearing clothes around the house. When I go out, clothing is fine but at home, I like to wear as little as possible. The problem is, because I live in flat, the back door opens out to the car park where all the tenants drive in and out and the front door opens out to a common corridor!! This means that I can only be naked with all the blinds shut and all the doors closed!! I can’t wait to move into a house!

I caught up with prostitute guy last night for dinner and we embarked on the topic of relationships / girls etc etc. The more I talk to him the more superficial he becomes, it’s sad when a guy has to define himself by how many hot chicks he’s slept with. I asked him who his last girlfriend was and he told me that the last girl he was interested in had a boyfriend but he knew deep down that she was the one. He’s banking on them breaking up and then him swooping in and catching her. Anyway, I asked him how he knew that she was the one and he said, “because I don’t care what her feet look like, she could have no toes and I would still feel the same way”. Apparently he is not only into sleeping with Japanese prostitutes but has a foot fettish, he gets turned off by bad / ugly feet / toes and the fact that he doesn’t care what this girls feet look like shows that she is the one. Now this got me thinking…should all of us have a yard stick by which we can decide whether or not a perspective guy / girl could be the one??